Thursday 20 August 2015

New Look for BC Oceanfront Website

Today we launch a new look for the BC Oceanfront website. This has been years in the making it seems, but was started in earnest a few months ago. It was time!

 Larger photos and easier to read online listings are just some of the improvements that were made with the help of Chameleon Creative. We are very excited to have a website that is platform responsive so that no matter what device or browser you are using you will get a full-service and easy-to-use website. There are also some backdoor editor improvements that you may not see but will make Kate and Jennifer’s ability to edit and upload to the site easier.

We have kept what made the site special, in particular the wealth of information and knowledge that Ed, Shelley and BC Oceanfront are known for. Our information packages, also sporting a fresh look thanks to Jennifer, include all the information they have in the past such as great property details, mapping and lots of pictures. The information we now provide can be as simple as a good online map, or as detailed as latitude and longitude coordinates or even UTM coordinates. We have worked to address the needs of different clients, from the ones who surf the site casually dreaming of the property they want to own one day to the clients who are very clear on what they want and expect more detailed information. The site now has a search function (using keywords, try it out) and allows us to put more information in front of the client.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded site, we are excited to bring this fresh look to our clients!

It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Live It!

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