Thursday 12 March 2015

Aerial Photography in the BCO Office

Whenever Ed goes out to look at a property by plane, we hand him a list of properties we would like aerial photos for. Some of them will be properties that we want fresh photos of - maybe the first ones were taken on a really grey day, or in winter (so not as green) or only from one angle. Some of them will be new properties.

Gorge Harbour, Cortes
Aerial photos have long been standard in Ed's listings, and are a big help in showing remote properties. They allow clients to get a good look at a large property and allow us to provide some idea of property dimensions and boundaries.
Lot A West Rd, Quadra with and without property lines

When Ed comes back to the office we sit down at one of the computers and go through the photos, sorting them into the property folders so that they can they be incorporated into the respective listing.

Read Island
Sometimes though the best photos are the ones Ed takes in between properties, or the ones he takes as an afterthought. Some of those are our favourites.

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