Thursday 4 December 2014

Listing Your Recreational Property

Thinking of listing a recreational property? Here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

Listing Your Recreational Property
There are many things you as the property owner can do to increase your chances of success with selling your property. Getting it ready for viewing may require a bit of work, but it will pay off with better showings.

Is the entrance clearly marked with identifiers? Are the access routes clear for vehicles to drive along? If the access is by water, is the dock/property easily visible from the water with identifiers? Are there tie-ups available?

While people expect to see some equipment, etc on the grounds, have you cleaned up the extra items? Are they neatly put away, or scattered around the property? A general clean up of the grounds is advised. This includes winter blow-down of branches, etc.

Water Supply
Has the water supply and source been clearly marked? Are there directions for turning on and shutting off the water if required? Has the water supply been cleaned or serviced recently (if so, paperwork stating the details should be provided)?

If there is a residence on the property, has it been cleaned? Are there belongings left out or are they put away? The neater it can be left, the better. Do the doors/windows stick? Are there small repairs or projects that can be finished which will enhance the showings?

Are there loose boards? Do they need to be power washed so they aren’t dirty/slippery? Are there simple repairs that can be done to enhance the showing?

Any outbuildings on the property should be enterable and in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

If you have done work on the property, paperwork providing details of that work is always good to have readily available should people ask. Also any inspection work regarding the property should also have paperwork readily available.

Ed and Shelley have many years of remote and recreational property experience between them, and have a lot of information for both buyers and sellers to consider.

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