Thursday 20 November 2014

Nature Lessons at Your Back Door

Vancouver Island is world famous for salmon, and there is good reason for that. Many of the rivers on the island are salmon bearing, meaning that salmon spawn in those rivers. A number of the rivers around Campbell River are salmon bearing, and every fall a walk along the river becomes a lesson in the lifecycle of the salmon.
A shallow tributary of the Campbell River, where the salmon could be both seen and heard as they moved their way upstream. 

Two salmon still following nature's call to spawn in the rocks of the stream bed.

Once done, the fish die on the banks and in the shallows of the river, creating a smell unlike any other.
On the coast nature is often in your face, raw and unfiltered. When the province used the slogan "Super Natural BC" in their marketing a few years back, it was extremely appropriate. It's a big part of what attracts people to the region, and what keeps people here.
It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!

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