Thursday 8 May 2014

BCO Coastal Hidden Gem: Alert Bay

Just off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island lies Cormorant Island. Accessible by boat, float plane or ferry, the island is home to the vibrant community of Alert Bay.

Alert Bay, like many west coast communities, is home to a fishing village and a First Nations community. Together the two communities have worked to build a destination town on this small coastal island.

To reach Alert Bay by ferry one must travel to Port McNeil on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. This three stop ferry runs between the communities of Alert Bay, Sointula on Malcolm Island, and Port McNeil, so it is best to check the schedule carefully!

Alert Bay offers a combination of wildlife viewing, fishing, laid back west coast relaxing and First Nations cultural experiences. Whether walking through the area to look at local landmarks, attending a First Nations traditional ceremony, or going on a whale watching excursion, one is sure to find a way to spend time in this community.

Alert Bay has a community health centre, a public works office, as well as most services and amenities. There are a number of options for accommodations, including a campsite. There is a free boat launch as well as a Municipal Dock and even an airstrip for those coming by private plane or charter.

Like many places on the coast, Alert Bay is a community of different cultures and experiences well worth visiting.
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