Thursday 17 April 2014

Building a Recreational or Remote Residence

Remote and recreational properties often sit outside major population centres and outside municipal zoning areas, providing little direction for those wanting to build. While at one time this meant people simply built what they wanted, now-a-days you have to consider if you might want to re-sell the property.

The Home Protection Office in BC now requires that all new homes built in the province, no matter where or the building rules (or lack thereof) imposed by local regional powers, must have warranty for 10 years. This means either they are built by a home warranty-approved builder who knows all the requirements, or a home owner can apply for a home builder permit and is then bound to build the home to meet all requirements.

If the home is offered for sale within the 10 years of being built, the home must be accompanied by a Home Warranty. For more information on this, visit the HPO website.

Whether you're buying a newly built cottage/vacation home/remote residence or planning on building your own, this is another step in making sure your investment in paradise is secure and safe.

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