Thursday 13 March 2014

Travelling the West Coast

For travellers in the Nootka Sound region, transportation options are limited to water and sky generally. One of the most interesting trips is to travel aboard the MV Uchuck III, a refitted Minesweeper that has been on the west coast for more than 50 years.

The Uchuck provides regular transportation of goods between a number of the small, water-based communities in the Nootka Sound region. The trips generally begin in Gold River. Year round the Uchuck visits the Nootka communities every Tuesday, and makes the trip to Kyuquot every week as well. In the summer there are also tourist cruises offered in the region.

Not only locals use the service. This is a very popular route with hikers looking to get to the Nootka Trail, and with kayakers who want to access the region. Watching a wet launch is quite common on the Uchuck, where kayakers are dropped into the water in their kayaks ready to go.

Travelling on the Uchuck is a wonderful opportunity to see many of the small west coast communities in Nootka Sound, as well a great way to experience the amazing West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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