Thursday 27 February 2014

BCO Coastal Gems: Read Island

Overshadowed by its larger island neighbours Quadra and Cortes, Read Island sits in the heart of the Discovery Islands. Well known now for its easy access beaches and the large provincial park at its southern tip, Read Island has a vibrant if small community that includes a community centre and a public school.

Originally settled by farmers, Read has been home to logging camps, fishermen, fish farms and homesteaders throughout its history. While the year round population is quite small, there are many seasonal visitors who maintain residences, as well as some lodges. The island is water access only, and there is no ferry service.

Amazing water ways, beautiful beaches, stunning rock formations, old abandoned orchards, wildlife and so much more await someone who ventures to Read Island. To truly immerse in the history of the island one can find a number of books that reference Read Island along with the other Discovery Islands. A good one to start with is Tidal Passages. Read about the first farmers, the logging camps, the scandals and the families that formed Read Island into the community it is today. Some of the history exists only in the shape of the land, while other parts are visible in the place names.
Read Island is one of those locations that make the coast such a magical place to explore, we hope you get a chance to visit!

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