Thursday 17 October 2013

BCO Lifestyle: Private Islands

"You guys sell islands? Like, real islands?"

 Schloss Island

You can hear the slight awe, and longing, and envy, in the voices when people say this to us. It's true; BC Oceanfront sells private islands - whole, entire islands that are privately owned in a price range to suite many budgets.

Leech Island

Owning an island in reality of course requires a lot of thought and planning. How will you get there? (Generally boat, sometimes float plane.) Do you want protected or open water? How far do you want to be from civilization?

Harlock Island 

For some people the owning of the island is enough, and it will never be developed. It will remain a natural escape from the world, perhaps for camping on or just day trips. Or just for someone in a land-locked big city to know, they own an island in the Pacific Ocean.

 Round Island

Other people want to live on the island, at least some of the time if not full-time (and some definitely want to live there full time). That then becomes a more involved exercise. Where does the power come from? How will water be obtained? How will the building materials get there? Some people circumvent all these complicated issued by buying an island already developed, and so only requiring upkeep. But others want to create their own personal retreat and place. For them, the work and the creation of building is part of the desire.

Shewell Island
Within the BCO office there is a wealth of knowledge about the realities of coastal properties, including private islands. Ed has spent years working in the remote areas of the coast, making relationships, gathering information and seeing over time what works and what doesn’t. The BCO office team specializes in gathering information about remote areas.

Sturt Island
Islands are a dream for so many, and here at BCO, we really can help make that dream come true.
It's a Coastal Lifestyle ... Pass It On!

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