Thursday 20 June 2013

Coastal Hidden Gems: San Josef Bay

When people think of Cape Scott Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, they usually think rugged, remote, hiking and back country camping. Generally they'd be right, but there is one exception.

San Josef Bay, on the south-western edge of the park, is easily accessible. The trail head starts at the parking lot, which is at the end of a large gravel road. The trail itself is surfaced with crushed material and is even navigable by high clearance strollers and assisted wheel chairs. It is an easy 35-45 minute leisurely walk to the beaches through rain forest. If you look closely as you walk you can see evidence of the settlers that at one time tried to tame the wilderness of Cape Scott and there are interpretive signs along the way that explain that history. The scenery is amazing.

The beaches are nothing short of spectacular, with sandy shores that run for miles, broken into two beaches by amazing rock formations.

This coastal gem is worth the drive to the top of the island, the memories of it will remain with you long after your visit.
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